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There is increasing incidence of urinary stone disease across the world. Life time incidence is 10%. And urinary stone disease affects 5% of population. Urinary stone disease can be treated using multiple method. Non-invasive like Lithotripsy to minimal invasive like endoscopy. Lithotripsy can be offered to maximum patients under the stone size of 20 mm. Lithotripsy is safe, effective and have minimal complications when compared to endoscopy method of treatment. We encourage readers to refer below topics for treatment of urinary stone disease



Know your kidney stone

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Urinary stone disease is very common in today's world. It is estimated that at least 10% of the population in the industrialized part of the world is afflicted by urinary tract stone disease. Increased incidence of Urinary stone disease is because of increasing global temperature and the modern life style. With increase in incidence and recurrence of the urinary stone disease (recurrence rate of as high as 30% in 10 years) we need to explore the treatment options. At lithotripsy academy we will explore urinary stone disease in a scientific manner.

At lithotripsy academy we will provide guide to our patients for diet management, life style change so that future prevention of the kidney stones can be achieved in a scientific manner. For treatment of kidney stones we will provide guide to our patients and referring physician to select best optimum way for treating the kidney stones. Lithotripsy, Endoscopy, Laparoscopy and Open surgery are methods to remove the kidney stone. Here at Lithotripsy academy we would emphasize on how to select right kidney stone for lithotripsy and what should be the criteria of selection of right lithotripsy before subjecting their self or their beloved ones to lithotripsy. Endoscopy is the other way of treatment of urinary stone but not always the only way for treatment. Selection of right type of stone and right type of lithotripsy is required for best results for the patient. Advantages of lithotripsy are is it cost effective for patient and results comparable to laser can be achieved by good lithotripters. 

The Lithotripsy Academy we will have different sections for referring physicians, and treating physician usually uro-surgeon or urologist. Uro-surgeon or urologist will have privileged access to login area where they can find the details of scientific technology of lithotripsy, case discussion, and management of different clinical conditions associated with lithotripsy. We shall also discuss different clinical utilities of lithotripters like gastrointestinal application for fragmentation of pancreatic duct calculus and common bile duct calculus, orthopedic application for clinical conditions like Tennis elbow, Plantar fasciitis, Golfer elbow and different tendinopathies


Our Academy

Lithotripsy Academy was founded by experts in field of Endourology and Lithotripsy. Our mentors have vast experirence of treating millions of patients with Urinary stone disease over period of 35 years. Need for lithotripsy academy was to bring all expertise available under one roof for patient benifits and having a common knowledge sharing platform

Lithotripsy is the very advanced medical science application. One needs to master the in depth knowledge of physics and later apply the physicis on to patients stone for best results

Learning is never ending. In order to get best of any knowledge we need to update our learning regularly. We are here to keep you posted on latest developments in field of lithotripsy

We want you to master the art of lithotripsy. Lithotripsy is non invasive cost effect way of treatment of patient with urinary stone disease. We want you to master non urological applications of sgockwave. we have very little to offer to our patients who suffer from tendinitis